Concrete Driveways With Eye-Catching Designs

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Most every home has a concrete driveway, very few have one that adds curb appeal. Many driveways are either asphalt or concrete. Today's concrete can spruce up the entrance to your home.

Advantages to having Concrete Driveways over Asphalt

Asphalt (often called blacktop) is made from a mixture of gravel and sand together with gas oils, diesel, and kerosene, among other ingredients. Concrete is made from mixing cement, sand, and gravel with water. It is an application used for driveways, patios, walkways, curbs, parking lots, as well as other hard-surface areas. Asphalt can be a cheaper alternative, mainly because it is installed 2in or less in thickness. Where as concrete is installed at a minimum of 4in thick. Due to that reason Asphalt has a relatively short lifespan whereas concrete has a lifespan of usually 30+ years. Asphalt requires resealing maintenance every couple years adding to the cost. Where as Concrete requires nothing, but due to our climate we recommend a penetrating sealer on concrete that would be exposed to salt. Asphalt develops an oily dirty surface that becomes soft in sunlight and heat, making it is easily tracked in the house. Whereas concrete is better in higher temperatures and does not become soft. We feel Concrete is the best solution if you’re looking for a long-term solution with minimal upkeep, that after 5 to 6 years the cost would even out with none of the maintenance.

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  • Fibermesh - is fiberglass that is mixed in concrete to provide tensile strength. Ohio Ready Mix Concrete Association certifies that fibermesh is stronger than wiremesh.
  • Wiremesh - This is metal fencing used to strengthen concrete, placed before placement of concrete. The problem with this product is it tends to fall to bottom of concrete and lose its performance. We prefer fibermesh as it's mixed throughout the concrete.
  • Control Joints - These are placed in the concrete to provide a place for concrete to crack. Concrete will crack, but providing proper placement of these joints will allow the concrete to crack at a defined stress point with minimal visibility. There are two methods of joint placement, installed while finishing concrete or saw cut after it cures. "Customers preference"
  • Expansion Joint - this is placed at location in around concrete to allow for expanding and contracting without stressing the concrete.
  • Confilm - This is a special chemical used to assist the finishing process, to provide the best quality.
  • Cure and Seal - This is a chemical applied to concrete after finishing to retain the moisture in the concrete. These products tends to leave discoloration. We prefer to water cure our concrete for the best quality concrete.


Star City Concrete LLC, a concrete contractor, guarantees that material will be as specified on contract. The placement will meet industry requirements per Ohio Ready Mix Concrete Association. We have certified concrete finishers that adhere to the strict guidelines that are set forth, to have your concrete look good for years. If an issue occurs within 1 year of placement, we will send someone out to evaluate and determine the cause. We shall bring in third-party professionals to review the issue and determine if we provided substandard placement of concrete, if property owner misused, and/or acts of God occurred that would not be warrantied. If determined Star City Concrete provided substandard placement, the affected area shall be replaced at no cost.

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